Captain Cook Beach Trail

Captain Cook Recreation Area
This hike was rated 2 stars.
Easy; no elevation
Miles One Way
Miles from Anchorage
200; above the city of Kenai near Nikiski
May to September


I wouldn’t make a special trip to get here but if you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth a look-see. Take a short hike along the beach with an unobstructed view of the Cook Inlet. At low tide, the feeling is almost eerie and desolate. There are great views of the Alaska Range.

At the end of the Park is a great picnic area with a nice view of Mt. Iliamna (an inactive volcano).

Important Information

Stay on the beach proper! At low tide, it seems very inviting to walk out to the rocks but the mud is a very fine silt that can suck your feet in making it very hard to extract them. The tide is incredibly fast and many people have drowned making this mistake.


FYI: The Cook Inlet has the second fastest tide in the world (the Bay of Fundy is first).


Topo Map

Captain Cook Beach Trail topo map

Comments on hiking Captain Cook Beach Trail

  1. Bonnie — June 18, 2019

    We couldn’t find the trail head, so we couldn’t take the hike. Unfortunately we’re not Alaska residents, so there’s a good chance we won’t have another opportunity for at least 2 years.

  2. Joe mesa — July 30, 2018

    My family and I have done this a few times.. so last week I drove my blazer up the beach (at full high tide is not vary possible) and yes this is a vary fast tide…
    I drove five miles north from the entrance, and ended up Google mapping the beautiful point I had found. It had a name Moose Point!
    I highly recommend going if you have the chance.

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