Edmonds Lake

Chugach State Park


I believe this series of trails is meant more for cross country skiing as one trail suggestion actually routes over Edmonds Lake (that, and the trail is a bit muddy still even in mid May 2015 when we did this hike. I'm guessing there is always some mud)

The trail starts at the far east end of the parking lot (toward the direction of Palmer). Once on the trail for a few hundred feet, a signpost next to an intersection can be seen with a few options:

2.5km trail 5km trail 7.5km trail

We took the 2.5km trail because the map indicated that it was the quickest to Edmonds Lake without going over the lake (winter only).

The 2.5km option is a short and fairly pretty trail. Sounds from cars on the highway could be heard almost the entire time though, which is distracting a bit.

Once at the lake, assuming it's not too muddy to reach, the view was very nice. Worth the small hike to get to! It's great on a weekend because Mirror Lake is usually so crowded.

Important Information:

As I mentioned above, the trail was still pretty muddy in some spots even on May 17th, 2015 (not sure if it all ever dries up) and this was even more apparent when we reached the lake which was almost unreachable due to the swamp/mud. I recommend somewhat high top hiking shoes for this trail just in case.


There are no parking fees. Parking is at the Mirror Lake parking area. The area by Mirror Lake is equipped with at least a couple of bathrooms and some great play areas for kids!

This hike was rated 2 stars.
4.6 miles
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23 miles
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Eric Tarbert