Lazy Mountain

Matanuska Valley
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Dan F. (
Somewhat difficult - the hike is short but steep. The first 20 - 30 minutes are difficult, but the last section is a lot easier and the trail isn't too long.
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Miles from Anchorage
40 - near the town of Palmer
May to October


Lazy mountain, near the city of Palmer, makes for a fine day hike. From the parking lot at the base, the trail ascends rapidly through dense foliage over a well-trod path. The trail continues straight up the mountain for a good length, with occasional steps built right into the path. A third or so of the way up, a bench is reached. After this, the trail becomes slightly less steep, and the landscape changes from forest to rocky tundra. Another bench is located just below the real top of Lazy mountain. From the final vantage point, one can see nearby Matanuska Peak, as well as Pioneer Peak and Twin Peaks to the west.

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Although the trail isn't that long, I do recommend you be in shape. There aren't any switchbacks that I can remember and the trail goes straight up the mountainside.


This is the closest day hike to Palmer that I know of.

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