Marmot Mountain

Matanuska Valley
This hike was rated 4 stars.
Submitted By
Eric Tarbert
Moderate; A mountain climb. Fairly simple, some steep sections, but very manageable.
Miles One Way
Miles from Anchorage
57; in the Hatcher Pass area
All year


I had always wanted to climb this mountain, it always seemed easy from the road. Although it ended up not being too easy, it was certainly not too challenging, and it has some great views. Almost all of the popular Hatcher Pass areas can be seen from the top, so it was quite a sight.

The trailhead is at the Fishhook Winter Trailhead just a couple of miles before the Independence mine area. The hike begins with small rolling hills and increases in steepness. It took me about 1 hour to get to the first peak/ridgeline. Once you get to the ridgeline, it’s an easy stroll to the next ascension to the top where the summit flag is.

Great hike for families, I’d say a 6 year old could probably do this hike fairly easy. Though the parking area can also be seen the entire time, it is a relaxing hike with a secluded feel.

Finding the Trailhead

From Glenn Highway Milepost 49.5, north on Palmer-Fishhook Road to Hatcher Pass, 13.7 miles on the right;

or George Parks Highway Milepost 36.1, north on Trunk Road to Palmer-Fishhook Road, turn left (north) to Hatcher Pass, 13.7 miles on the right.


There is a $5 parking fee at the bottom. State parking passes are valid.


Comments on hiking Marmot Mountain

  1. Devin — July 4, 2019

    Great, easy hike! Did it in a few hours at a VERY leisurely pace with our 4 month old puppy. Made it all the way to the top no problem. Great views. Great trails. Highly recommended.

  2. Josh — June 21, 2018

    WOW – I can’t believe this hike isn’t in any of the guidebooks or Alltrails? I hike it yesterday afternoon/evening June 20, 2018
    – 30 minute drive from my home in Palmer
    – On a Wednesday afternoon and there were 15 or so people on the mountain including some paragliders, very safe from a wildlife standpoint
    – Like previous comments it start as a basic 45 minute straight shot up a mountain, once you get up to the initial peak you traverse a ridge trail that is fun, awesome view, wide and safe. No scree scrambling or any sketchy climbs.
    – Late June and there were two short snowfield sections but I was able to walk across without sinking too much into the snow. If I had brought my gaiters I would have put them on
    – as promised in the name – there were a lot of marmots
    – I spent about 3 hours up there and that including sitting on this awesome bench reading my bible and enjoying the view

  3. Alesya — June 7, 2017

    One of the first hikes I was introduced to by a friend upon moving to Alaska; quite the way to warm up my muscles prior to reaching the peak. View was fantastic and loved getting my first photo with the Alaska flag on top. It’s been 3-years since I’ve been back but I’m excited to return tonight for a post-work hike.

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