Mt. Eklutna

Chugach State Park
This hike was rated 4 stars.
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Amy Olson
Moderate; The first portion is flat until you turn left and head up to the saddle. The saddle is steep.
Miles One Way
Miles from Anchorage
25; take the Peters Creek exit from the Glenn Highway
May - September


The trailhead to this route provides access to Bear Mountain and Mt. Eklutna. It leads along an old roadbed that can be steep and muddy in sections then follow it up to the left until you reach the saddle. Mt Eklutna is the mountain up to the right.

Mount Eklutna and Bear Mountain, tiered hills above the town of Peters Creek, sit at the tip of a ridge stretching from the heart of the park like emissaries to civilization. Neither mountain is heavily traveled, yet both are easily reached. The Mount Eklutna Trail meanders through a lupine-filled meadow, then climbs a sculpted ridge to the summit. When you reach the top of the saddle, follow the trail to the right with mild scrambling until you reach Mt. Eklutna. Bear Mountain is a shorter but less pleasant hike, steep and eroded in some sections. Nevertheless, it sees a steady trickle of locals eager to visit the peak towering so dramatically above their community.

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To access the trail head, take Peters Creek exit from the Glenn Highway, then turn right on Ski Rd. Follow Ski Rd for one mile, take a right on Whaley, which become Chugach Park Rd. Take a left on Kullberg, right on Sullins Dr. following it through switchbacks, then turn right on Malcolm Dr. The trail begins about a quarter mile ahead.


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Mt. Eklutna topo map

Comments on hiking Mt. Eklutna

  1. Tyler Platt — May 22, 2015

    KILLER hike. Starting at the Big Peters Creek trailhead (and it’s exceedingly limited parking options), this hike starts along the Peters Creek Valley trail, where you can hit the Bear Point Trail less than 1/4 mile in. But my goal was Mt. Eklutna, whose trail starts less than 1.5 miles into the PCV trail.
    Overall, this hike reminded me of a shorter Wolverine Peak hike, with the wide open rolling roadbed of a trail (like Basher Rd), and then a whole lot of pretty steep climbing once you get to the Mt. Eklutna trailhead proper. And like Wolverine Peak, the real awesome views are slow to reveal themselves, aside from better and better views of the peaks on the other side of the Peters Creek Valley. Once you get to the top of the saddle, your jaw will drop from the vistas that open up, and only get better as you take the ridge east towards Mt. Eklutna (and beyond to even more peaks if you were so inclined).
    From the Big Peters Creek trail sign (the start of the Valley trail) to the true ‘summit’ is a little over 3 miles (something like 3.28 or some such thing according to my fitness tracker), and you gain approximately 2800 feet in elevation. It’s steep once you get onto the Mt. Eklutna trail proper, but nowhere near as steep as Bird Ridge, and overall a lot less strain than Wolverine Peak. It was actually weird, given the elevation gain and the short distance, how relatively easy I thought this was. I’m a big guy (6′, 230-ish lbs), and as you could imagine, steep climbing can kind of kick my butt sometimes. But even with the stops I made to take pictures, I was at the top short of 2hrs. I think there was enough *back* to go with the *up* that it fools you to think it’s not as difficult of a hike. I definitely was still feeling the hike a couple days later however.
    I will be doing the loop that connects Mt. Eklutna to Bear Point (with Point 3605 in between) sooner rather than later, count on it!

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