Near Point

Chugach State Park
This hike was rated 2 stars.
Moderate; your basic small mountain hike
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Miles from Anchorage
In town; about a 20 minute drive from downtown
June to September


f you don’t have enough time and/or energy to do Wolverine, Near Point is a fine hike to get some good views of the area including Anchorage, the Alaska Range, Denali, Mt. Susitna (Sleeping Lady), Wolverine Peak and Canyon Creek. It makes a great hike right after work if you live in Anchorage. If you’re visiting, make the extra effort and hike Wolverine.

You can also head down the other side of the mountain to Long Lake at the end of the Campbell Creek Canyon Trails as well as create a loop hike with Williwaw.

Important Information

Bring an adequate supply of water; there are no real sources after the bridge.

There are a whole lot of criss-crossing trails before you get to the Near Point Trail proper from the Prospect Heights Trailhead. You basically want to head down the valley over the bridge, then curve around and back up. You should see the sign on the right a little ways after the Wolverine Trailhead.


The Prospect Heights Parking Lot requires a $5 parking fee (bring exact amount). The price for an annual parking pass is $40. You can purchase a pass at the Federal Building at 4th and F or the Atwood Building on 7th and E, 12th Floor.

Topo Map

Near Point topo map

Comments on hiking Near Point

  1. Robert Otnik — August 28, 2016

    Did this from Prospect Heights Trailhead Saturday 27 August 2016. Took the established trail. Tom’s 2014 observation is accurate. I ran into a couple of mud pools and a stretch of mud trail. Saw a family of moose above treeline. Took me over three hours with the mud and slowing down to look at moose.

  2. AKHiker — February 19, 2016

    Overall, this is a fun little hike that can be easily done in under three hours. I recently did this hike in mid February,(because of our abnormally warm winter) and I found it very enjoyable. Starting at the basher trail head, it is easy to take the trail until it intersects the main trails coming from prospect heights. There are plenty of signs to tell you where to go. The views are great, especially if you’re trying to get used to the area. One word to the wise, you should invest in some nice ice cleats if you are planning to do this when there is little snow. Lets just say on the descent, I had a slight gear malfunction which sent me sliding a little ways. I recommend this for anyone new to the chugach to get familiar with the area before taking on bigger mountains. Near point, along with others like Flat Top and Mt. Baldy are great for a new hiker/climber.

  3. Tom — April 20, 2014

    I’ve done this hike many times, most recently on 4/19/14. It makes a nice, easily accessible hike when you don’t have the time or inclination to do something bigger.

    One thing I’ve found is that the trail shown on the topo on this website is not the best way up the peak. The route shown gets extremely muddy at times. A better way is as follows:

    When you first start heading up the main peak, you will cross a short section where boards have been put on the trail. Then the trail heads steeply up hill. A short way after you start up the steep section you will see a prominent spruce tree, above which is mostly alder. At the spruce tree there is a trail branching off to the right, into the alder. It may look less prominent than the main trail. This side trail continues steeply up through the brush, but soon you are in open tundra. This route stays always on the ridge, all the way to the top of Near Point. In my experience, it is the best, driest, and most direct route to the top.

  4. The following was submitted by Jean:

    07.05.08 – Up we went with 3 adults, 1 child and my dog.

    A great hike, with some changing terrain which always makes it nice. This is easy enough until you really start the last uphill climb. It is not hard, just kind of long and kind of steep. Just chug along, take it easy and take a break and enjoy the view if need be. Once at the top the views are gorgeous 360 degrees.

    I must say though, it was much much easier the last time I hiked this —- in 1994!!!

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