Otterbahn Trail

Kachemak State Park


This is a very easy stroll hike that gives you an excellent glimpse into Kachemak Bay nature. I took this hike in summer though I have read you can ski this in winter - though I can't confirm that.

The hike starts by taking you through a forest of devil's club that actually looks like your walking through hobbit territory (no getting tangled in it - the trail is well maintained). There is an exhibit showing a cross section of a tree and how boat knees were used to make fishing boats before the age of fiberglass. After a series of boardwalks, you get to the gravel beach and from here you can explore the tide pools and hike over to other adjoining coves - tide permitting. It's good to keep track of the tides if you are going to do this.

Good opportunity for beachcombing and watching sunsets. Not a work out hike - just relaxing.

Important Information

Keep track of the tides.

This hike was rated 3 stars.
1.5 miles
From Anchorage
225 miles
All year
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Patricia Baum

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Map of Otterbahn Trail