Ptarmigan Valley Trail

Chugach State Park


A wide double track trail until tree line used for all multi-use minus ATV and bike. At tree line, the trail converts to single track with very tall stands of grasses, fireweed and cow parsnip. The trail follows Parks Creek and tops out near the hill marked 1775' on the map, then descends back down into the Little Peter's Creek drainage before ascending some more along the creek.

Important Information

Despite the high grass, the trail is present. Our dogs were able to keep us on track (I guess they could see it better closer to the ground). I'm glad we kept our dogs on leash, as we did run into a porcupine.


No overnight camping at the trailhead.

This hike was rated 3 stars.
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6 miles
From Anchorage
20 miles
All year (cross country ski in winter)
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Finding the Trailhead

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Map of Ptarmigan Valley Trail