South Fork Rim Trail

Chugach State Park


Basically, this trail is a shorter, fairly level trail on the edge of a somewhat steep valley carved by the South Fork of Campbell Creek. It offers a nice "walk in the park" hike, with good views, and minimal elevation gain.

You begin at Prospect Heights, then turn right onto the Powerline Trail, heading south for about 1/4 mile, and a sign points left to the South Fork Rim Trail. The trail makes a half-moon off Powerline and returns to it about a mile or so later. It offers views of the creek, surrounding mountains, the vegetation, and on a clear day, Denali. The trail also intersects with the Golden Grass trail, and the Alder trail, once you complete the half-loop. There are several bluffs, that you can stop to take photos.

Once you are approaching the Powerline trail, you will notice a small trail to the left making another loop. This is also the South Fork Rim Trail, making a shorter loop and returning to Powerline again.

To get back to Prospect, just follow the power poles and the trail, and you will pass where you started the trail, and the parking lot is only a minimal distance away.

Important Information

This trail can be accessed by any hillside trailhead, including Glen Alps, Upper Huffman, and O'Malley. This trail is part of an extensive trail in the hillside district.

Also, in winter, and when there is sufficient snow, Chugach State Park will groom this trail, as well as others, for cross-country skiing. Be sure to check weather conditions, as well.


Be sure to bring the usual $5 if you plan to park.

This trail is also multi-use, so don't be afraid to go on the groomed (when it applies) just stick to the side.

Snow machines are prohibited, but bicycles are permitted.

This hike was rated 3 stars.
1 miles
From Anchorage
In town
All year

Finding the Trailhead

Hike Map

Map of South Fork Rim Trail