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Moderate; somewhat steep. However, you will want to stop frequently to look down into the canyon at beautiful Victor Creek, so it is not too taxing.
Miles One Way
Miles from Anchorage
95; on the Seward Highway, 25 miles north of Seward
May to October


The trail follows the bluff along the steep canyon walls looking down into the powerful, milky-blueness of Victor Creek. You never see this one listed in the books, and there is very little parking, so it gets very little traffic. Even so, the trail is very well-maintained. Lots of blueberries in fall, flowers in summer.

I was very surprised on what a nice hike it was. For those who know this site, you know tree canopy hikes get low ratings But the trail does open up midway and the river really is very beautiful. I didn’t go to the very, very end but the glacier looks very easy to get to if so inclined.

Important Information

Not doable in winter due to high avalanche danger.

Black bear habitat.

There are some parts of the trail that skirt the edge of high cliffs which commands caution if bringing small children.


Primrose Campground 2 miles down the road is one of the prettiest on the peninsula.

Topo Map

Victor Creek topo map

Comments on hiking Victor Creek

  1. Randy - July 5 2018 — July 5, 2018

    In a word, gorgeous. I also hiked this on a whim and glad I did. Lower trail is a moderate climb thru tall evergreens. Middle section is up and down thru tall grass. Upper trail is a moderate climb thru mixed grass, brush and evergreens. Lots of flowers. Great views of the the mountains above but visibility is limited in some areas due to the tall grass. Looks very beary. Didn’t quite make it to the notch. Very limited parking at the trailhead.

  2. Cameron — June 13, 2018

    Took this path on a whim last Sunday 6/10 and was pleasantly surprised by the winding walk through the hemlock/pine forest (ferns everywhere!) on a well constructed trail. Things get a little more rustic after the first half-mile but the road noise diminishes and there is a nice sense of isolation. Be very bear aware as visibility is limited and bring a stick for the cow parsnip up valley. I heard the trail ends at a slide/avalanche but we had to cut our trio just short of it.

  3. Kendra — June 22, 2014

    This hike was awesome today lots of flowers, mushrooms and just beautiful everywhere! Hike is pretty moderate and be pretty brushy towards end of the trail!!

  4. Egore the Black Lab and His Keepers — February 21, 2013

    Hello, Egore here! My people took me to this trail this past weekend. They commented that there was only a small parking area off the Seward Highway. They also said this trail does not seem to see much use lately. There was an avalanche and it wiped out the trail about 2 miles from the trailhead. We picked up the trail on the other side of the slide area. However, it was overgrown with a narrow trail. We only saw two piles of scat on the trail. Overall, great hike for my people and me.

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