Indian Valley Trail

Chugach State Park


I hate this trail! I'm sure there are people who will disagree with me but I don't care. The three times I've done it have been absolutely miserable. I won't even use it to get to Ship Lake Valley which is one of my all time favorite places to be in the Chugach's.

Why do I hate this trail? Let me count the ways:

The trail to the Pass is gross: The one part of the hike with a clearly marked trail is underneath canopy. There are parts of it with this gross smelling marsh stuff and half of the trail is usually muddy. The last 1/2 mile is ok for the nice view of Turnagain Arm.

The post holing: I'd be lot more mellower about this but it's never ending once you get to the pass. Because the area is covered by an abundance of low shrub, you'll never know if that next step is going to have you sinking up to your thighs.

The bushwhacking: When the snow finally melts, the brush grows pretty high. 1 mile can take forever as you wind your way through willow and shrub hoping you don't fall down because you didn't see that hole. Once, I made it 3 miles in and I finally got to a hill and when I saw miles more of it, I turned back and said the hell with it. Someday, a trail will be blazed and this will be a great hike. For now, it's just a pain in the A**.

No decent campsites: After spending hours bushwhacking, it took me a half and hour just to find a halfway decent place that was level and not crowded with brush.

The only good thing about the area is that there is some beautiful scenery but there's plenty of other places that look just as good without all the trouble.

The following was added on August 23, 2009:

So, I decided to go back this weekend, with the attention of either turning into Ship Lake or the valley of tarns that lies below Bird Ridge. This was the first time hiked this trail in late summer. Boy! Does this trail get overgrown. I made sure to make a lot of noise due to the numerous sightings of bear scat.

My verdict is still the same. This just isn't a pleasant trail to be on.

However, it is worth putting up with to get to glacial valley's that join it, including Ship Lake, Bird Ridge, North Fork Ship Lake (Grizzly Bear Lake), and other un-named cirques.

Important Information

Make sure you filter your water. There are a large amount of beaver dams along the creek. Be avalanche aware during snow season.

If you're using this trail to get to Ship Lake, beeline toward the ridge of Ship Lake Valley and at least you'll avoid a lot bushwhacking there too.


The best way to hike this in the winter is to buy a cheap plastic sled and carry your stuff on it. For details about how I built mine, go here.

For the advanced backpacker:

Frank Banker has a route from Crow Pass to Eagle and Symphony Lakes that uses part of the trail above that you may interested in: link here.

Chris Harper has a route from Eagle Lake to Eagle River that uses part of the trail above that you may be interested in: link here.

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Map of Indian Valley Trail

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This hike was rated 2 stars.
13.4 miles
From Anchorage
40 miles
All year (cross country ski or snowshoe in winter)