Mint Valley to Reed Lake

Matanuska Valley
This hike was rated 4 stars.
Difficult - bushwhacking, elevation gain, rocks and scree
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Miles One Way
Miles from Anchorage
56; past Palmer towards Hatcher Pass
July to September


This hike begins at the Gold Mint Trailhead AKA Little Susitna Trail. Follow trail approx. 6.5 miles in then hang a left at the huge hanging valley. This is where the bushwhacking begins and continues for about 200 feet. Follow the valley up and to the left. It will terminate at a saddle/ridgeline. Crest the ridge and you should look down upon upper Reed Lake. Glisade the snow slope below to the lake, then follow the Reed Lakes trail back to the road. Round trip distance is approx 15 miles. I did this hike August 13th 2005. Take plenty of water and a filter.

Important Information

You should be in good shape, have routefinding skills, and be able to survive in the backcountry.


Topo Map

Mint Valley to Reed Lake topo map

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