This hike was rated 2 stars.
Miles One Way
Miles from Anchorage
90; on the Seward Highway, 30 miles north of Seward
May to September


I’ve seen this trail on my National Geographic Map of Chugach National Forest but I’ve never seen it mentioned in any guidebook. In the interest of this website, one Sunday morning after visiting Lost Lake, I decided to check it out.

From what I gather, this is really just a trail for fishermen to get to the lake. The trail is just east of Trail River Lake and the trailhead starts right off the Seward Highway. At the trailhead is space enough for about 3 campsites if you’re lucky enough to snag one. However, I was quite disgusted how ill kept former campers/fishermen kept the latrine area (no outhouses).

If you’re here for serious hiking, there is absolutely no need to do this trail. It basically rambles through aspen, spruce and a babbling creek and there are no real sights along the trail. However, this would be a nice hike if you have small children as it is a very easy and well maintained.

If you do like to fish, but aren’t into the shoulder to shoulder “combat” style that’s so popular up here, you may want to check it out. My guess is that there are probably not too many people who will take the initiative to get to Vagt Lake.

2 much better hikes in this area are Lost Lake and Ptarmigan Creek.

Important Information

Getting to the trailhead is a little tricky. Going south, once you pass Trail River Lake, you’ll see railroad tracks on your left. Hang a left onto Lower Trail Road and another left after the tracks.

If you do plan on fishing, please make sure you have a license and are educated about current regulations.


OK! You’ll notice that I have no pics of the actual Vagt Lake. I got lazy and turned back. I’ll get them the next time I’m down that way. It’s not like this is the ultimate hike in Alaska anyway.


Topo Map

Vagt Lake topo map

Comments on hiking Vagt Lake

  1. Matt C — July 29, 2019

    Hiked in today (July 29, 2019 to do a little fishing and the trail is easy and in great shape; however, the lake water level is literally about SIX feet high, meaning that it’s up in the alders and spruce trees surrounding the lakeshore and there is not ONE place to cast due to the branches, etc. I’m sure it has to do with our record temperatures this summer, accelerating the snowpack melt up high. long story short—you absolutely cannot fish the lake right now from shore.

    The elevation gain is a total of about 100 feet, from start to Vagt.

  2. Chuck Bost — July 28, 2018

    Great Small Game a fishing trail

  3. Diane Strangfeld — July 6, 2016

    The hike back to Vagt Lake is very easy for all ages. We hiked back to fish for trout. It is really good fishing. I am 62 and love to hike whenever we come to Seward to visit my son and family. My husband, son and two granddaughters ages 6 and 8 were with me. It is a nice sized lake with great views of the surrounding mountains. I would recommend hiking to it to anyone.

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